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General construction, finishing and assembly

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The hk Project-Services company has long been a well-known player on the market of design and complete-cycle finishing.

Our approach to the implementation of projects is flexible and well-balanced. The completion of every segment of a project is scheduled so as to match the requirements and budget of the client. As a contractor, our company is always interested in adhering to the timetables of any work.

We employ people with every construction skill, including mechanical and electrical engineers; piping, air conditioning, ventilation and heating professionals as well as experienced foremen with European training.

All construction, finishing and assembly work is supervised by the architects.

The available assortment of finishing materials is truly extensive while their excellent quality is due to our being very picky about suppliers.

Marble and very expensive trim stone, unique parquet and solid wall panels, expressive fabrics and designer mosaics, the latest electric fixtures and touch-controlled bathroom equipment, no matter how hard to get, we will make available to you if they are needed to make your home complete.